With the fast pacing life in the concrete jungles, day after day individuals are witnessed leading mundane and unhealthy ways of life. The overall lifestyle issues not only cause physical illness but also create an impact on the mental health. Hence, identifying ‘fitness’ as a need of the hour; Dance Nazi, Karan Jodhani introduced Happiness Dance Fit ® – a distinctive workplace wellness programme.

Envisioned to enable individuals to feel rejuvenated, healthy and confident; Happiness Dance Fit ® is designed with a combination of traditional and modern day workouts. It is expert, Karan’s knowledge and passion about different dance and workout forms that gives the programme its uniqueness. He makes sure that the fitness routine is a wholesome package of various low-intensity and high-intensity exercises, merely in a span of an hour and a half (1hour 30 minutes)This programme offers individuals with innovative workout sessions, to name a few- Bollywood Dance, Bhangra workout, Zumba, Pound Knockout and Yoga. In a corporate environment, apart from fitness an activity of this kind empowers employees to increase productivity and break the work monotony. Considering these factors Happiness Dance Fit ® is one of the most preferred employee fitness/engagement with various highly
reputable brands.

With his unmatchable dance and fitness mojo, Karan Jodhani has always intended to spread awareness and help people lead a healthy lifestyle. He says,“Being fit and healthy increases productivity and helps to think outside the box. For efficient personnel, I believe it is paramount for companies/brands to offer their staff with fitness activitiesto keep them rejuvenated during work.”On the path to offer a healthy lifestyle for employees, Happiness Dance Fit ® has conducted sessions at various highly recognized corporate companies. To name a few, HDFC Securities, FIS Global Business Solutions, NIIT Technologies, Fortis Hospital, Hiranandani Developers and Citi Bank.

View the gallery below for videos and pictures of Happiness Dance Fit ® sessions
conducted by the expert Karan Jodhani

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