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  • February 22, 2018
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Being a dancer, I know one thing for sure that flexibility is extremely essential. Flexibility is one of the most important aspects of being a successful dancer, thus making it the first activity that they start with at dance classes. Stretching is important and even more so because they release the tightness of the muscles making them flexible and strong. Be it gym or any other physical activity, stretching is an essential. That’s why your gym trainer would’ve told you to stretch after your workout.

Coming back to our main topic- flexibility…Each and every trained or seasonal dancer concentrates on being flexible by performing splits, high jumps, more of correcting body movements and yes, those asymmetrical jumps if you are a contemporary dancer. I personally believe it is contemporary dance that really makes your body flexible because of the long stretching hours and body flowing routines.

So, here are some flexibility exercises that have helped me achieve it. They might be able to help you to!

Squats– This exercise is very important for flexibility and resistance in legs. You need to try holding it for as long as you can.



Long Sitting Pose – In the long sitting pose make sure that your back is straight and the posture is right. Your legs should be straight and flat while touching the floor. Don’t bend your knees. Remain consistent with the posture and you’ll soon perfect it.



Prone back bending – This exercise is quite impactful as it stretches your back and hip muscle, creating flexibility on the back.




Stretching hamstrings, hips for splits– This exercise will get you the perfect split stretch and you can then try the baby pose



I also try doing 5 Surya-Namaskars every day. You too can try and experience the difference as it gives your body perfect flexibility and tones it. A combination of 12 Asanas, you have to perform all of this in one go. Duration is also a very important aspect in Surya-Namaskar, especially for starters. Hold each stretch for 15-20 seconds and then increase the duration gradually.
While the above stretching exercise are basic to start with, stick to these while you get better at it and move on to the advanced ones. Concentrate on where you are stiff.

Be consistent and patient, and you’ll soon reach your goal!

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