It is often said that the organic instincts and talents an individual acquires leads him/her to attain infinite bliss and success in life. This philosophy is ideal for Karan Jodhani– the prolific dancer, who successfully turned his passion into a profession. After attaining formal education and working in the corporate industry for reputable firms, Karan decided to follow his true calling- Dance, which he began to explore since his early childhood.

As a premier step in the voyage towards dance, this creative Piscean enrolled into a dance academy in Bhopal. In sync with his academics, to contribute his talent among the masses; Karan opened a dance workshop named ‘Akarshan’ in his home-city, Bhopal. Owing to the curiosity and multi-tasking abilities, the expert further nurtured his skills by undertaking folk dancing and Kathak under dance gurus- Late Shri. Sarju Mohan Maharaja and Ms Anjali Baijal. After achieving Senior Diploma in Kathak from Allahabad’s Prayag Sangeet Samiti; Karan acquired core competence in 18 folk dances of India- Garba, Dandiya, Bhangra, Gidda, TeraTaali and Bhavai among others.

Over the years, Karan’s dance mojo led him to perform on various platforms, both state and national level. The beyond perfection performances helped Karan win numerous accolades and awards in the fullness of time. He was facilitated by Madhya Pradesh Kala Akademi Puraskaar and MP Yuva Kalkar among others.

From working as a correspondent in the Hindi news channel to leading Public Relations and Media Consulting firms like Genesis – Burson-Marsteller, Edelman – India, Weber Shandwick and Adfactors PR; Mumbai as a city aided Karan to immensely bloom in his stint within the corporate sector. Eager to do more in the city of opportunities, Karan expanded his dance horizon by being a certified Zumba Instructor, Pound Knockout Instructor and Yoga Instructor; whilst continuing his training under the noted Kathak guru – Dr Smt. Manjari Deo and Naren Patil for Contemporary dance. It is Karan Jodhani’s go-getter attitude, passion and hard work that thereafter led him to establish his three dance brands – Happiness Dance Fit ®, Folk Innovation ® and Shaadi Swagger ®

Karan’s Solo Performances:

Karan Jodhani’s solo Kathak and semi-classical performances are an absolute vision of delight. The surreal ethos that his performances create has mesmerized the audience and helped Karan achieve recognition. His Kathak recitals – Vishnu Vandana, Shiva Tandava and Ganesh Vandana have been widely applauded and appreciated by many. With zeal to portray the unseen, Karan performs a distinctive dance form wherein he combines Kathak and modern contemporary.

Devotional dance performances – Jain Dharma

It is believed that dance and music bring one closer to the Lord. Dancing in the praise of the Lord is a divine amalgamation of music and movement as a respectful form of worship. A dancer ceases to use dance as a medium to entertain, but instead, uses this art form to express their devotion to the Almighty.

Jainism, or Jain Dharma, is an Indian religion steeped in ancient history. A transtheistic religion, Jainism is believed to be an eternal religion or dharma. The twenty-four venerable tirthankaras, or saviors and teachers, guide each cycle of the Jain cosmology. This is the universe as viewed by Jainism, and its followers, the Jains.

There can be nothing more enriching or fulfilling than being invited to perform a dance of the divine. Karan Jodhani is honored to have been performing in the praise of the Lord at several auspicious events for the Jain community, including the deeksha samaroah and satar vedi puja, among others. He incorporates kathak and various folk dances in his performance, which are in praise of the Lord and the twenty-four revered Jain tirthankaras. He expresses his devotion through dance on popular Jain Stavans or bhajans such as Namami NemiManglik Deevo ReMere Naath Ho TumSooraj Mandan and others.

His performances are well-received in cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Surat and Vapi, wherein religious events for the Jain community take place on a regular basis.